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Zantac for Babies: is it Safe?

However, research suggests acid is not a major factor in infant reflux and use of antacid in infants can lead to increased risk for infection. The second type is called metoclopramide or reglan, which has a black box warning for the risk of causing permanent damage to child’s brain leading to movement disorders.

You might take it for a month or 2, for example, until your stomach heals. Some people may take it every now and again when they have symptoms. You may find that ranitidine stops working and your symptoms come back if you take it for longer than this.

Erythromycin has been approved by the FDA for children, but not for treating reflux in them. In some babies, though, the acid makes the lining of the esophagus tender, red, and swollen. They might arch their backs in pain. The acid can also be inhaled into the lungs, irritating their sensitive linings. These children might not gain weight well, or might cry and cry from discomfort.

If a baby is just irritable from a feeding every now and again, it is extremely unlikely the stomach contents are damaging their esophagus and therefore it wouldn’t qualify as GERD. Parents are quick to be concerned about reflux, because spitting up is a regular part of most babies’ everyday lives.

However, this does provide extra calories to your baby, and it may also make it harder for your baby to know when he or she has had enough to eat. Babyhood is a time of spit-upping.

The best thing to do is find natural or organic alternatives to drugs. Just remember that something natural may take a little more time to see results. I fell for the doctor’s advise when I was younger and my son ended up addicted to a steriod drug which took over a year for the withdraw effects to subside. His retarded doctor had no clue what was happening.

Increasingly I am distressed by the excessive prescribing of medications for our precious babies and the complete lack of support or decent advice for the unlucky parents dealing with their screaming children. As a mother of a child diagnosed with “reflux” I just wish I had had Philippa’s great advice to hand.

Gaviscon thickens the milk somewhat and helps to keep it in the tummy. We have used both and lo is now 8.5 months and is coming off zantac as his reflux is better.

acid reflux infant zantac

Younger infants could be given effervescent tablets that dissolve in water. The water can be administered to the baby through a dropper syringe.

acid reflux infant zantac
acid reflux infant zantac

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