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University of Idaho – Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

DANGERFIELD, Byron J.; 1981-2006; Professor Emeritus of Management Information Systems and Dean Emeritus. CARPENTER, Gene P.; 1966-1997; Research and Extension Professor Emeritus of Entomology.

BAIRD, Dennis W.; 1974-2007; Social Science Librarian Emeritus with rank of Professor. ABRAHAM, Terry P.; 1984-2005; Head Emeritus, Department of Special Collections and Archives in the University Library, with rank of Professor.

HARRIS, Charles C.; 1984-2015; Research Professor Emeritus in Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences. HAMILTON, Joel R.; 1970-2002; Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Statistics. GRIFFITHS, Peter R.; 1989-2008; Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Department Chair Emeritus. GRAY, C. Wilson; 1980-2014; Extension Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology.

New World-class. Performance. Carla Kaplan, AB., University of Dlinois at Chicago, 1980; AM., 1982. WRIGHT, R. Gerald; 1985-2004; Professor Emeritus in Fish and Wildlife Sciences.

gerd steckel university idaho

at University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

MOHAN, S. Krishna; 1985-2014; Extension Professor Emeritus of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences. MCHARGUE, Jack M.; 1977-2014; Professor Emeritus of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

MARSHALL, John D.; 1990-2015; Professor Emeritus in Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences. KORUS, Roger A.; 1978-2008; Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and Department Chair Emeritus. KAUFMAN, Jack J.; 1976-1999; Extension Professor Emeritus of Adult, Counselor, and Technology Education. HUNT, Carl W.; 1985-2012; Professor Emeritus of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Department Head Emeritus.

gerd steckel university idaho

HABER, Donald F.; 1969-1999; Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Statistics. GALLIAN, John J.; 1979-2007; Extension Professor Emeritus of Crop Management and Sugar Beet Specialist. FOSBERG, Maynard A.; 1949-1989; Professor Emeritus of Soil Science and Soil Morphology. EXON, Jerry H.; 1984-2007; Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Toxicology and Department Head Emeritus.

SKINNER, Lynn J.; 1971-2006; Professor Emeritus of Music Education and Director Emeritus of the University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. HAYNES, Robert C.; 1955-1979; Extension Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Education and Agricultural Engineering.

WEST, Joan M.; 1981-2009; Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French). WEST, Dennis D.; 1979-2009; Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Spanish). VOORHEES, Jack R.; 1969-1975; Professor of Naval Science and Department Head Emeritus. TROTTER, Thomas V.; 1990-2012; Professor Emeritus of Counseling and School Psychology.

BRANEN, A. Larry; 1983-2010; Professor of Food Science and Associate Vice President of Northern Idaho Emeritus. BOISEN, Monte B. Jr.; 2001-2014; Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Department Head Emeritus.

KINDSCHY, Dwight L.; 1947-1977; Professor of Agricultural Education and Department Head Emeritus. JONES, James R.; 1975-2003; Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Economist.

Brahms in Context SUNDAY, NOV. 20, P.M. SCHNEEBECK CONCERT HALL. Works by: MARIA SAMPEN violin. Clara Schumann. MICHAEL SEREGOW piano

EHRENREICH, John H.; 1971-1999; Professor Emeritus of International Forest and Range Resources. EDMISON, Glenn A.; 1984-1998; Professor Emeritus of Adult, Counselor, and Technology Education. DAWSON, Jack L.; 1982-2008; Professor Emeritus of Education and Dean Emeritus. BROWN, Bradford D.; 1975-2012; Professor Emeritus of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences.

CAMPBELL, Alton G.; 1983-2017; Professor in Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences and Director, Honors Program Emeritus. BUNTING, Stephen C.; 1978-2014; Professor Emeritus of Forest and Fire Ecology.

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They traveled in Europe three times representing the United States in Austria, Germany, France and Great Britain. The choirs performed in such memorable venues as Coventry and Canterbury Dawn Bernhardt Cathedrals, Westminster Abby, Omaha Beach at Normandy, France, Notre Dame, Paris and the Frauen Kirche in Munich. The Ferris choirs were invited regularly to perform for the Music Educators National Conference and American Choral Directors Association at state and regional conventions. Ferris singers were featured performers with the Spokane Symphony numerous times and were annual State Finalists at the Washington State Music Solo and Ensemble Contest every year.

gerd steckel university idaho

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