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Technique and apparatus for dishing out particles from a container

The PACS is connected to six gamma-cameras, a PET scanner, a bone densitometry system and an ultrasound device. Taken together, our study provides new insights into the molecular action of ethylene signaling to enhance plant salt tolerance, and elucidates the transcriptional network of EIN 3 in salt stress response. Accordingly, ethylene pretreatment or EIN 3 activation was able to preclude excess ROS accumulation and increased tolerance to salt stress. We also found that activation of EIN 3 increased peroxidase (POD activity through the direct transcriptional regulation of PODs expression. We performed a genetic screen for ein 3 eil1-like salt-hypersensitive mutants and identified 5 EIN 3 direct target genes including a previously unknown gene, SIED1 (At5g22270, which encodes a 93-amino acid polypeptide involved in ROS dismissal.

The invention makes possible a rapid emptying of fine powdery/dust-like bulk material from FIBCs which material would otherwise not run out on account of its intrinsic flow behavior or at least would not run out through a discharge piece with customary diameter. The present invention is directed at providing a fast and easy handling system which minimizes dust release to the environment when FIBC’s are being emptied of their fine material.

The clamping casing includes an inwardly extending flange forward of the stepped groove to retain the sealing member in position. The first position places the clamping casing closer to the head piece than the second position. At the bottom there is usually a bag outlet which is tightened and tied or sewn together with one or more cords or held in position with a clip.

To investigate whether these differential responses are caused by differential expression of members of the EIN 3 family transcription factors, five tobacco family members were isolated. Control and load management of a fuel cell based hybrid system; Steuerung und Lademanagement eines brennstoffzellen-basierten Hybridsystems A personal contribution to the discussion of pros and cons; Ein- oder Mehr-Endlager-Konzept?.

The functional ramification of the physical interaction is EIN 3-dependent degradation of ORA59 by the 26S proteasome. Co-infiltration assays revealed nuclear co-localization of ORA59 and EIN 3, and split-luciferase together with yeast-two-hybrid assays established their physical interaction. Specifically, JA induces ORA59 protein levels independently of EIN 3/EIL1, whereas SA reduces the protein levels dependently of EIN 3/EIL1. Here, we show the opposing function of two transcription factors, ethylene insensitive3 (EIN 3) and EIN 3-Like1 (EIL1), in SA-mediated suppression and JA-mediated activation of PLANT DEFENSIN1.2 (PDF1.2).

Nevertheless, fractures and fault-slip indicators are rare in the non-deforming areas, which characterizes Thuringia Fault-Slip Data Analysis and Cover Versus Basement Fracture Patterns – Implications for Subsurface Technical Processes in Thuringia, Germany Feldstein is an isolated outcrop of columnar basaltic rock nearby Themar, located 60 km south-west of Erfurt (Thuringia , Germany). Preliminary data on mantle xenoliths from the Feldstein basalt (Thuringia, Germany).

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One major problem is the safe-making of the pits and dumps as they are highly radioactive through naturally occurring uranium and other radioactive elements. Many of the pits have therefore been closed down or are in the process of closure such as the uranium mine in Ronneburg With the end of the cold war the demand for uranium has drastically declined.

  • uranium concentrations of up to 150 g per tonne and radium concentrations of up to 1.3 Bq/g.
  • Model-based control and application of a thermomanagement engine cooling system; Modellbasierte Regelung und Applikation eines Thermomanagement-Motorkuehlsystems
  • The dispensing assembly can also include, as part of its overall assembly, a fine particle container having an outlet tube, with the fixing device fixing the outlet tube to the clamping casing.

Inflatable seal 80 is in fluid communication with infeed pipe 68 at junction 82 as shown in FIG. In a preferred embodiment 1 to 3 oblique ports are spaced longitudinally along oblique wall section 58 which has an exterior surface 59 that slopes at angle θ which is preferably from 30 to 60 degrees and, more preferably, about 45 degrees from the planar upper surface 60 at the very front of headpiece 34 (or a radial plane at the tube’s forward edge if there is no planar surface extension). The interior of wall portion 54 is preferably radially spaced from stepped area 36 of tube 28 by about 10 to 30 mm with the wall portions being longitudinally spaced by about 25 to 50 mm, there dimensions for head 34 are designed for use with a tube 28 that has an open front end of about 60 to 100 mm. A single conduit as shown is preferred, however, as additional conduits can create flow interruption locations in the interior of tube 28. This helps the gas flow pass around the circumference of cavity 40 prior to flowing out through radial ports 50 and oblique ports 52.

Employing the gas reflux over the aortic bifurcation bilateral run-off studies up to the calf trifurcation were performed via unilateral femoral cannula. A safety design prevents unintentional gas injection volume and pressure steady gas flow characteristics are approximated. By optimising injection volume and pressure steady gas flow characteristics are approximated.

Conduit 42 is preferably formed of a metallic material with at least one of the first and second ends (44, 108) of conduit 42 preferably being fixed with respect to tube 28 such as by being welded or threaded in position. As transport line 98 is used to convey fine particle material exiting from tube 28, it is typically formed of a flexible, clear plastic material preferably together with a flexible strengthening plastic spiral frame structure and grounding means (not shown). Clamping casing 62 is free to slide or shift longitudinally along tube 28 into a desired position wherein it is locked or retained in position. Dispensing device 22 further comprises headpiece 34 which is secured to (e.g.

No elastic tensor calculated for this material, so elastic energies not avaialable. Stability is tested against all potential chemical combinations that result in the material’s composition.

In one case, radioactivity of the polluted rock material, a wide spectrum of pollutants and a high pollutant level necessitated adapted solutions. (orig.) [German] Risiken in unserer modernen Gesellschaft werden sehr unterschiedlich bewertet.

Whole-genome transcriptome analysis identified a list of SIED (Salt-Induced and EIN 3/EIL1-Dependent genes that participate in salt stress responses, including several genes encoding reactive oxygen species (ROS scavengers. High salinity induced the accumulation of EIN 3/EIL1 proteins by promoting the proteasomal degradation of two EIN 3/EIL1-targeting F-box proteins, EBF1 and EBF2, in an EIN 2-independent manner. Gain- and loss-of-function studies demonstrated that EIN 3 (ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 3 and EIL1 (EIN 3-LIKE 1, two ethylene-activated transcription factors, are necessary and sufficient for the enhanced salt tolerance. So-called thermomanagement systems cool the engine as required, ensuring energy-efficient control of a given engine temperature. Model-based control and application of a thermomanagement engine cooling system; Modellbasierte Regelung und Applikation eines Thermomanagement-Motorkuehlsystems

Along the value creation chain energy efficiency signifies an effective conversion of raw materials, a use of by-products, a reduction of consumption and a modification of the behaviour. Energy efficiency involves different ranges: the energy and heating market for households and trades, the traffic sector and industrial production. Apart from renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy conservation are the fundament for an economically optimized energy strategy.

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