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Kagel, Jenna, ‘Silent Video Installation gives 20th Anniversary encore at 1301 PE Gallery’, on:, 17 Nov 2012, Southern California, in poor health. ___, ‘Silent video set up gives 20th anniversary encore at 1301 PE Gallery’, in: South California Public Radio’, Online, 17 The fall of 2012, ill. Crown, Kelly, ‘The Escape Artist’, about:, New York NYC, 14 March 2013, unwell.

name hans-gerd dittmann

Contemporary Movie Art (Part II) ‘, in: Flash Art, Miami, vol. New of Contemporary Art Advocacy’, in: arco contemporary art, Madrid, simply no. David Zwirner Gallery’, inside: Artforum International, Nyc, Apr 2005, p. Berwick, Carly, ‘Whitney Biennial 2006: “Day For Night”‘, in: Artnews, New York, vol.

This particular joint effort is aimed at guaranteeing that all German born companies, including foreign affiliates and parent companies, will be protected against law suits relating to the Nazi era and that they will will be able to work on global markets under conditions associated with comprehensive and lasting legitimate security. All structured information from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under typically the Creative Commons CC0 Permit; text in the additional namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Permit; additional terms may apply. It was only typically the temporary weakness of the particular police and army within the moment of military defeat which let the mutiny of sailors show up as a revolution. It is often said that a true revolution in Germany in 1918 never happened.

Saturday, 10 November: revolutionary councils elected, Armistice

Efficacy and safety of 1, 000 magnesium effervescent aspirin: individual sufferer data meta-analysis of three trials in migraine headaches and migraine accompanying signs. Aspirin in the primary and secondary prevention regarding vascular disease: collaborative meta-analysis of individual participant data from randomised trials. Cholinesterase inhibitors for patients along with Alzheimer’s disease: systematic evaluation of randomised clinical studies.

Efficacy plus safety of atomoxetine for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents – meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis. The meta-analysis in the efficacy associated with psycho- and pharmacotherapy within panic disorder with plus without agoraphobia. Long-term li (symbol) therapy for bipolar condition: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Mac Hersker, Alfred, ‘Diana Thater-Review’, within: Art News, New York, January 2013, p. 91, ill. The impact of mental illness on quality lifestyle is clear, and can be assessed (, and while generic measures like the EQ-5D are of questionable quality in psychiatry, this does not weaken the importance of establishing such measures, and attempting to correlate them along with our existing disease seriousness measures (.

Rates of positive family history for diabetic, cardiovascular disease and renal condition were also similar between each groups, as was typically the smoking burden. Almost 60 per cent of patients in the whole cohort were both current or former smokers, this proportion being lowest in women with diabetic (42%) and highest inside men with diabetes (75%).

Inside order to remain expert of the situation, Friedrich Ebert demanded the chancellorship for himself on typically the afternoon of 9 November, the day of the emperor’s abdication. Throughout the following weeks, Noske succeeded in minimizing the influence of the councils in Kiel, but he can not prevent the pass on of the revolution through Germany. On 5 November, the Entente Powers agreed to take up discussions for a truce, but after the third note, many soldiers and the general human population believed that the emperor had to abdicate to obtain peace.

Antidepressants for zweipolig depression: a scientific review regarding randomized, controlled trials. Remedies for adults with clinically diagnosed acute rhinosinusitis: the meta-analysis of individual affected person data. Magnitude of profit of adjuvant chemotherapy for non-small cell lung tumor: meta-analysis of randomized scientific trials. Associated with chemotherapy and hormonal therapy for early on breast cancer on occurance and 15-year survival: a great overview of the randomised trials. Medical treatments for the maintenance therapy associated with reflux oesophagitis and endoscopic negative reflux disease.

Hence, the Imperial German federal government had an important effect in the creation regarding what would become the Soviet Union by turning over Russia’s socialist transformation decisively into the hands of the Bolsheviks, whilst in February, it was oriented toward parliamentary democracy. Because of December 1916, just read was replaced by the journal Spartakus, which appeared irregularly until November 1918. Since of popular, this booklet was soon printed plus evolved to the so-called “Political Letters” (German: Politische Briefe), collections that were later posted in defiance of the censorship laws under typically the name “Spartacus Letters” (Spartakusbriefe). The revolution ended on 11 August 1919, once the Weimar Constitution was followed. It’s not a query of you messing upwards any longer, the concern is since the Ideal Man did what we should could not, and has conferred His righteousness upon us all.

Efficacy and safety of cholesterol-lowering treatment: prospective meta-analysis of data from 90, 056 members in 14 randomised trials of statins. Efficacy plus safety of second-generation medicine in the treatment associated with major depressive disorder. Usefulness of paroxetine in the treatment of acute main depression in adults: a systematic re-examination of released and unpublished data coming from randomized trials. Chemotherapy inside non-small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis using updated data on individual sufferers from 52 randomised medical trials.

Estimating relaxing energy expenditure of patients on dialysis: Development and validation of a predictive equation. Presumed causes of CKD and the percentage of patients with diabetes and hypertension in which a specific diagnostic organization was considered as the best cause.

Thus, the so-called “stab-in-the-back legend” (German: Dolchstoßlegende) has been born, according to which usually the revolutionaries had bombarded the undefeated army through the rear and switched an almost-certain victory into a defeat. The Empire of Bulgaria, an best friend of the German Disposition and Austria-Hungary, capitulated on 27 September. With Russia knocked out of the war, the German Great Command could now proceed part of the eastern armies in order to the Western Front.

___, ‘See. Inside the particular Zone of Alienation. Centro Thater’, in: Artlog, On the internet, 9 November 2012, ill. ___, ‘David Zwirner to Present Work of Blanco Thater Set for TYPICALLY THE ARMORY SHOW’, on:, Nyc NY, 26 February 2013, ill.

___, ‘Diana Thater’, in: Bitstreams, Whitney Museum/ New York, 22 March – 10 June 2001, pp. Pollack, Barbara, ‘Back towards the Potential with “BitStreams”‘, in: Art in America, New York, vol. Darling, Michael, ‘Sitings: Installation Art 1969-2002’, in: MOCA The Contemporary, Mis Angeles, September/October/November 2003, pp.

name hans-gerd dittmann

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