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press scenocosme interactive digital art between dream and poetry

Senior Editorial Table

Beck-Sickinger ( In Vitro Changes of Substituted Cysteines as Tool to examine Receptor Features and Structure-activity Relationships. Beck-Sickinger ( Pancreatic polypeptide will be recognized by two hydrophobic domains of the human being Y4 receptor binding pocket.

Athens Video Art Festival is a dynamic international celebration of digital arts in addition to new media that symbolizes Greece worldwide, as it is the official movie art festival of Greece. The Art Gallery regarding Nova Scotia is proud to provide The Last Frontier in partnership with the Halifax Regional Municipality in addition to Centre Culturel français|French Charge in Canada and together with support from your Canada Council for the Arts plus Nova Scotia Department regarding Tourism, Culture and Heritage. Opening in September 2012, Experimenta Speak to Me personally, 5th International Biennial regarding Media Art will end up being an exhibition featuring online, screen based and installation artworks that investigate interconnectivity, communication, technology and just what it means, at the moment, to be able to be together.


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External doctorands

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The particular exhibition of FILE SP 2014 presents 20 installs, 3 interactive performances, 213 animations, 24 games designed for several platforms, 14 machinimas, 85 videos, 45 artworks of net and good art, as well since a selection of Japanese people artists’ 8 works in partnership with the Japan Media Disciplines Festival. The festival uses up four spaces in this specific venue: the Art Photo gallery, the SESI Digital Fine art Gallery (building facade), the FIESP Space, plus the Panier, besides the pavement in the Consolação, Trianon-Masp, and Brigadeiro subway stations. The retooling issue brings together tough luck artists operating at the particular intersection of art, science and technology. Since we know the licence history, we guarantee no a person’s already using it in the same way.

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