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Media-Gallery Piper PA 18 Super Cub and Piper J3 Cub built by our clients

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Security disasters like with the German “PC-Wahl” used at federal polls wouldn’t happen anymore along with free software. When acquiring software there are many companies that will release this as Free Software; an individual are not stuck together with funding proprietary solutions.

We wanna know what’s the money being used on in addition to maybe even help increase the code. As a new taxpayer, I want our money to benefit typically the public. Code developed beneath public funded projects ought to be privacy aware plus public.

Open code would make software accessible across EU states, cheaper and the source regarding more collaboration between European citizens. The federal government software being full of security flaws is one of typically the major main reasons why. Just just like laws, algorithms and source code governing people need to have to be public.

gerd vincenz

Open Source software plus hardware can promote Western IT industry and enhance security, too. There is no good reason not also: public money, public code. As less as achievable of public money must be used for running amazing software. Public sector facilities financed by public funds means we need in order to see the code.

Free software is something that is an important part inside our modern society. I job at Central Bank of Brazil and I usually say our code should be opened. In the extended run we will save a lot of cash. It’s time to quit the rebuild of existent software each 6 weeks because the bad supervision of our leaders.

Piper J3 Cub built by Werner Eberhartinger

Time to stop wasting public cash to ensnare national providers to provate corporation’s personal interests. For me, typically the most compelling argument for the use of open-source in government digital sources is to increase its security (bug fixing).

The best way to carry out that would be to make this open source. Unless youre hiding someting there might be no reason not necessarily to use under free of charge software.

ALL application which is being used in the public sector must be FOSS. Open source makes sense for security in addition to for better utilization of public funds. With this software program being public we could ensure the quality of software our government utilizes. Making software available widely ensures that the invested money is used in the most effective way.

In the particular long-term, progress is only made by improving free ware trojan. It’s not ethical for governments chosen by the particular people to prefer proprietary software over that developed by the people (for the people).

I would love to see more openness in gov funded projects. Software payed for by the people must orbit and involve the individuals, it is a fundimental requirement. Free of charge Software gives everybody typically the right to use, review, share and improve software program.

It is very important that every public infrastructures are built within a transparent and secure manner. The use and difusion of totally free (Libre) Software program is a moral requirement, and also the natural state of technology alone.

gerd vincenz

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