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A Comparative Evaluation of the Relation between Political Have confidence in and types of Political Participation in Europe. Is Same-Sex Relationship Legislation Related to Attitudes Toward Homosexuality? Trends in Tolerance of Homosexuality in EUROPE Between 2002 and 2010.

Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence of Generalized Confidence. Facts from the European Community Survey (2002 and 2004). What does European Public Survey data state about work-life balance fulfillment, working moment and work attachment in V4 countries?.

Unemployment being an Institutional Construct? Structural Dissimilarities in Non-Occupation in Selected European Countries and the United States.

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This research shows that the full/normal dosages (40 mg each day) of esomeprazole ought to be suggested as first-line therapies for GERD in men and women for short-term remedy. 5) Kjersti Bakke, Elin Alsake, Anne Elise Egge, & Eiliv Lund.

Response Charge and Nonresponse Bias – Impact of the Number of Contact Tries on Data High quality in the European Public Survey. Self-Perceived Work Insecurity and Public Context. A Multi-Level Research of 17 European Countries.

Political Conservatism and Left-Right Orientation in 28 Eastern and EUROPEAN Countries. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and histamine-2-receptor antagonists (H2RAs) are employed for gastro-esophageal reflux condition (GERD); however, the clinical evidence for therapy is poor. We evaluated the usefulness and tolerability of unique doses of PPIs, H2RAs and placebo in adults with GERD.

A Quasi-Experiment on the Origins of Political Rely upon Europe. Community Ethnic Composition and Resident Perceptions of Basic safety in EUROPE. Immigration sceptics, xenophobes or racists? Radical right-wing voting in six West European countries.

Spiritual diversity in European countries and its regards to interpersonal attitudes and ideals orientations. Refusal conversion in the second circular of the European Sociable Survey. Unjust remedy by companies and authorities, public have faith in and subjective well-being. A European comparative study.

Volume 33, Issue 1-2 (Feb 1978)

A Versatile tool? Making use of the Cross-national Error Source Typology (CNEST) to triangulated pre-test files. Differences in reply rates across the ESS participated nations in comparison to Slovak national info.

Causal Research with Cross-Sectional Info using Instrumental Variables. The crumbling or strengthening of public capital?

A Cross-National Research of Vertical Occupational Intercourse Segregation in Twelve European Countries. Does class matter in protests? Social course, attitudes towards inequality, and political trust in European demonstrations in a period of overall economy. Are values in the Benelux international locations comparable?

Social Risk, Insurance plan Dissatisfaction, and Political Alienation. A Comparision of Six EUROPE. Measuring legal marital status in Europe and in the European Sociable Survey.

Even though ica locus is apparently transcribed in these strains, the encoded Ica proteins will not be translated or may consist of mutations or truncations that render them struggling to develop mature PIA/PNSG. This would imply that these strains have the ability to form in vitro biofilms in a PIA/PNSG-independent manner.

(Un)happy transition? Subjective Well-getting in EUROPE in 1991-2008 and Beyond.

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