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Leadership Profile: Ten Minutes with Gerd Kerkhoff of Kerkhoff Consulting

gerd kerkhoff

According to a Kerkhoff study, purchasing managers of suppliers will be facing difficult times. According to a Kerkhoff study, year purchasing managers at suppliers are facing a great many challenges after the 2009 crisis. Enterprises in the social services sector are able to save considerable time and costs with centralized purchasing especially. Better terms and conditions are obtained particularly in buyers’ cooperatives and through product concentrations.

Chong-Ho Hwang, Senior Manager at Kerkhoff Consulting about the advances of data scientists in industry – and the profile they should meet. Today, businesses have to compete on a global level. This increasingly puts pressure on the purchasing departments, who have to perform a balancing act between supply reliability and cost pressure. We spoke to Dirk Schäfer, Managing Director of the Kerkhoff Group, and Ralf Altpeter, Managing Director of Kerkhoff Cost Engineering GmbH, about levers in the optimisation process. Kerkhoff Negotiations and Schranner AG agree to an exclusive partnership.

The software is the foundation for automated procurement, the “Procurement 4.0” product, which Kerkhoff launched with SME clients and DAX companies alike. This operational system collects costs of entire product ranges, indexes them in terms of market development – including beyond variant families – and analyses them through regression using function terms. This means that the procurement, controlling, . development and sales functions have access to a comprehensive and up-to-date basis for decision-making always. With his books on procurement and his consulting company, Gerd Kerkhoff has been shaping the image of modern procurement since 1999. The consulting company Kerkhoff seek to significantly and measurably increase efficiency in the areas of purchasing, SCM and production..

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While Kerkhoff and Wiethoff will define the future strategy together, Wiethoff will take over operational leadership and founder and CEO Kerkhoff will focus on the areas of networking and strategic partnerships.

. Concrete examples illustrate how international buying can be planned successfully. Gerd Kerkhoff is the pioneer of purchasing consulting in Germany. He is Chairman of the Management Board of the Düsseldorf-based management consultancy Kerkhoff Group.

gerd kerkhoff

Is this development fundamentally important for the market? BeraterGuide talked to Gerd Kerkhoff of the Düsseldorf-based procurement consultancy Kerkhoff Consulting. Gerd Kerkhoff is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Kerkhoff Consulting GmbH. With about 150 consultants in eight countries, he is concentrating on raising, nationally and internationally, earnings potentials in purchasing for his clients.

Clients are medium-sized companies and international corporations from German-speaking regions generally, although consulting services are provided across all industries. With a turnover of almost 30 million euros, the ongoing company is an important independent consultancy in Germany with a focus on purchasing topics. Long independent competitors Brainnet and Inverto had been swallowed by KPMG and Boston Consulting. PROCUREMENT UNIVERSITIES – Coming out of the far corners of the organization and getting up onto the big stage of strategic management – that’s the development purchasing departments currently go through in many locations. To prepare procurement specialists for their new role, companies spend up to seven figures.

gerd kerkhoff

Overall, the first comprehensive study on purchasing detects the need to catch up all around and notes, for the future, a significant upgrading of purchasing departments. The complexity of parts is ever increasing, the supply chain is getting longer, the true number of interfaces is growing. Modern manufacturing enterprises must specifically manage the manifold variants to minimize the costs in the entire supply chain for a great number of different components.

gerd kerkhoff

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