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Voskamp, BJ, Peelen, M, Mol, BW, Pajrkt, E, Ganzevoort, W & Kazemier, B ‘Association between fetal gender, fetal growth and perinatal outcome, a nationwide cohort study’, 34th Annual Scientific Pregnancy Meeting of the Society-for-Maternal-Fetal-Medicine, MOSBY-ELSEVIER, New Orleans, LA, vol. van der Ven, AJ, Schaaf, JM, van Os, MA, de Groot, CJ, Haak, MC, Pajkrt, E & Mol, BW 2014, ‘Comparison of Perinatal Outcome of Preterm Births Starting in Primary Care versus Secondary Care in Netherlands: A Retrospective Analysis of Nationwide Collected Data’, Obstetrics and gynecology international, vol.

Adherence to metformin is reduced during school holidays and weekends in children with type 1 diabetes participating in a randomised controlled trial. Archives of disease in childhood, archdischild-2018. Qualitative perspectives on the sustainability of sexual health continuous quality improvement in clinics serving remote Aboriginal communities in Australia. BMJ open, 9( , e026679.

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C.: Time of emergence of trends in ocean biogeochemistry, Biogeosciences, 11, 3647–3659,, 2014. and water fluxes through combined in situ measurements and ecosystem modelling, Biogeosciences, 6, 1423–1444,, 2009.

Estimation of acidifying deposition in Europe due to international shipping emissions in the North Sea and the North-East Atlantic Ocean. Intercomparison of the gasphase chemistry in several chemistry and transport models. Verication of air mass trajectories in long-distance transport using EDXRF analysis of intersite element ratios. Journal Of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 111, (G , Article Number: G02018, 2006. Analysis of model responses to emission-reduction scenarios within the CityDelta project.

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POPULATION DIFFERENCES IN PREGNANCY OUTCOME’, International-Federation-of-Placenta-Associations (IFPA)/EPG Meeting, W B SAUNDERS CO LTD, Paris, FRANCE, vol. Richani, D, Wang, X, Zeng, H, Smitz, J, Thompson, J & Gilchrist, R 2014, ‘Pre-maturation with cAMP modulators in conjunction with EGF-like peptides during in vitro maturation enhances mouse oocyte developmental competence’, MOLECULAR REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, vol.

gerd peter eskes

Ramkumar Chandran, Subhendu K Panda, Archana Mallik: A short review on the advancements in electroplating of CuInGaSe2 thin films. Pajeva, Christoph Globisch, Michael Wiese : Comparison of the inward- and outward-open homology models and ligand binding of human P-glycoprotein. : Cytotoxicity and pharmacogenomics of medicinal plants from traditional Korean medicine. Seo E-J, Kuete V, Kadioglu O, Krusche B, Schröder S, Greten HJ, Arend J, Lee I-S, Efferth T.: Anti-angiogenic activity and pharmacogenomics of medicinal plants from traditional Korean medicine. Kele, Péter; Mező, Gábor; Achatz, Daniela; Wolfbeis, Otto S.: Dual labeling of biomolecules by using click chemistry: A sequential approach.


Gestational age specific stillbirth risk among Indigenous and non-Indigenous women in Queensland, Australia: a population based study. Variability in neural excitability and plasticity induction in the human cortex: A brain stimulation study. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 123( , 1593-1598. The Role of Physical Activity in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum Health. Assessing use of a printed lifestyle intervention tool by women with borderline gestational diabetes and their achievement of diet and exercise goals: A descriptive study.

Urinary incontinence, depression and psychological factors – A review of population studies. Polymorphisms in the inflammatory pathway genes and the risk of preeclampsia in Sinhalese women. Medical Anthropology: Cross Cultural Studies in Health and Illness, Accepted and forthcoming, 1-14.

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