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This is the most extensive North American run and longest tour of their career. “Scorched” is my favorite, but I think the whole album is really strong.

The Medusa reissue, due February 12th, marks the venerated reissue label’s first foray into the outer reaches of proto-metal, scuzzball garage, frazzled psychedelia, and spit polish glam that will be rolling out throughout the calendar year, including a companion compilation to First Step Beyond due Fall of 2013. “Faceless Mistress” – demo version, previously unreleased and self produced by the band.

Augmentation Mammaire Souffrance Muscle Regle

Brain stopped being good for anything useful last 30 min of work so I tallied albums of what musicians are voting for so far in ‘The Best Metal Albums of 2012, As Chosen by Metal Musicians Themselves’ on Metal Sucks, up through Part VI (using points PazzJop style). Apparently the drummer went off to Japan and came back obsessed by techno and now only wants to be in a band like Scooter. I’m not a Hatebreed dude, but you do a good job capturing the appeal and expectations of the new record.

Cut some stuff that’s too raw for me to get out there and didn’t edit it well. they had a (crap) new album out recently and Bobby is still clean and touring.

I wrote the Voice’s (well, VVM’s) year-end metal list a couple of years in a row. Pretty happy to put on one of their mid-era records to scratch that itch, or more likely a Deadguy album instead.

stomach acid not strong enough apocalyptica mediafire download

Meant to listen to a bunch of the metal back log when I was on vacation, but I ended up mostly listening to bandcamp stuff. As well as a very enjoyable death metal group called Execration, I just saw an awesome grindcore band called Beaten To Death – so good live.

Tarif Augmentation Mammaire Dr Cornillac 85

And very pleased at the prospect of a new Katatonia album in the the first half of the year.

stomach acid not strong enough apocalyptica mediafire download

  • The Time Lord has some earlier version of the same songs, but JOTD is kinda definitive.
  • Bummed I couldn’t make it to the Ghost/Blood Ceremony show last night.
  • Also surprised that Coroner’s Punishment For Decadence, Mental Vortex and Grin didn’t make the list, and that Seasons In The Abyss was only #44.
  • There was an earlier cover design I liked a lot more, but this one’s pretty good.
  • There are some catchy songs on the new album, but their abandonment of the occult in favor of yammering about leaders deceiving the people is gonna take some getting used to.

well, we could dispense with a rollout completely and just put a full list in one post just like how it happens in a magazine. i also don’t have time to follow a thousand-post thread that takes days and days to finish.

I missed the ’88 Canadian tour (with GNR opening) for the same reason, so it’d be nice to see them revisiting that chapter in the band’s history. If they weren’t the best live band I’ve seen in recent years it’s only because Ludicra were so damn good.

Also, as we were driving home last night, some mid-Michigan rock station had a “Mandatory Metallica” block. I like the Asphyx album, for sure, I was singing its praises when it came out.

I hear that, but I do believe that they progress so much from release to release that you could easily love one album and hate all the rest. Dude, give it more of a chance, there’s a lot more going on in those songs than is evident on initial listen. Must be great for you having intelligent talks with your boss while listening to music, Sean.

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Exactly, its like, this sounds pretty much not bad when I play it, but I can’t imagine ever getting the urge to do so again. But I see what you mean – sounds like they’re going back to the sound of their debut. Looks like someone convinced In This Moment that “Gun Show” is a better song than “Forever”.

The next time I read a website, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one.

Black Mountain would probably be the heaviest band I would send them out with at this point. Yeah, they need to not be booked on metal tours anymore. The new songs were super boring live, although that might have more to do with them just not really fitting on metal bills anymore. It’s like Baroness made an EP of some of the best stuff they’ve ever done and decided to stretch it out to album length at the last minute with power ballads and Decemberists cover versions. Yeah, those two songs are superb, sad she didn’t sing on the entire album.

otoh, grim kim’s list seems really cool and makes me want to check out a bunch of albums even though all I listen to nowadays are albums that YMO members play on or produced. starting things off by praising an album for how ‘not metal’ it is just isn’t what I’m looking for in a ’10 best metal records of 2012′ article, weirdly enough. He’s a pretty good critic, and he hears tons of metal. i still like the krallice a lot and have played it dozens of times, but i can’t say i understand it much when it’s not playing – hard to even remember, compared to the previous one. if you’re doing the official list for a major publication, there are other factors that need to be considered – consensus amongst the other writers that cover that genre for the publication, a view of the potential legacy of the album, whether or not it’s the “best” of the year or just your favorite.

stomach acid not strong enough apocalyptica mediafire download

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