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1716-/1759 , princess of Liesche and Hinrich Tiedemann, wedded to Johann Rutenbeck in 1741. 1860- , daughter of Hinrich and Anna Catharina Wrage, hitched to Jochim Fosbeck in 1881. Lentfer, child of Hinrich and Christina Siemens, wedded to Hinrich Fuhrmann in 1764. 1836- , little girl of Hinrich and Anna Elisabeth Mohr, hitched to Ludwig Barkhausen in 1862.

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1778- , little princess of Hans Hinrich and Catharina Michaelöller, with Claus Ostermann. 1769-/1815 , princess of Johann and Anna Margaretha Suhl, with In. Hartmann. 1799-1847 , princess of Claus Anna and Hinrich Elisabeth Harms, with Hans Wolgast.

1769- , little girl of Anna and Johann Asmus, hitched to Hinrich Eöhncke in 1793. 1851- , princess of Hans Hinrich and Catharina Margaretha Elsabe Schröder, committed to Hans Hinrich Stäcker in 1887, D. Cycle. ca 1831- , child of Catharina and Claus Vollstedt, wedded to Jochim Hinrich Schröder in 1855. 1765- , princess of Roloff Margaretha and Johann Dorothea Schonen, wedded to Hans Joachim Holler in 1786.

1812-1884 , daughter of Maria and Hans Pohlmann, wedded to Johann Jochim Andreas Holst in 1845. 1853- , little girl of Johann and Catharina Kröger, committed to Hans Jochim Pries in 1880. 1795- , princess of Hans and Lucia Maria “Elisabeth” Mohr, wedded to Hans Hinrich Lohmann in 1826. 1697-1769 , princess of Magdalena and Hinrich D, wedded to Jochim Mohr in 1716, Hans Steenbock in 1734. †/1777 , daughter of Claus and Elisabeth Bargstedt, hitched to Hans Jochim Storjohann in 1771.

†1816 , daughter of Abel and Claus Schölermann, committed to Claus Mohr in 1754. †1800 , daughter of Hans and Elsabe Schümann, married to Johann Ritter in 1795. ca 1664-1750 , little princess of Engel and Hinrich Fischer, committed to Jasper Mertens in 1695. Twisselmann, little girl of Anna and Johann Eünster, wedded to Marx Schnoor in 1824.

1803- , little princess of Hans and Elisabeth Wöbcke, with Hans Töbcke, Nn Wattsöbcke. 1612- , little princess of Hinrich and Elisabeth Fock, married to Jasper Ferst in 1644. 1791-/1852 , little princess of Margaretha and Jasper Kröger, hitched to Hans Pohlmann in 1817. 1800-/1852 , child of Gesche and Hans Siemens, married to Eggert Bestmann in 1820. 1844- , girl of Catharina and Johann Töller, june Berke in 1866 wedded to Friedrich.

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1790- , daughter of Claus Hinrich and Catharina Gary the gadget guyülck, wedded to Franz Carl in 1816. ca 1824- , daughter of Elisabeth and Hans Wohler, committed to Carl Christopher Streit in 1858. ca 1702-1769 , princess of Jochim and Elsabe In, with Paul Wiese, Jochim Lemcke, Hinrich Lose, Claus Biss. 1622-ca 1655 , daughter of Maria and Hans Johns, wedded to Sivert Bojens in 1649. 1700-1755 , little princess of Hinrich Harbeck and Cilke Loose, wedded to Claus Wilckens in 1735.

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1845- , princess of Andreas and Magdalena N, hitched to Hinrich Pohlmann in 1886. 1668-1712 , girl of Claus and Maria Seibel, committed to Thiel Dierks in 1689. ca 1827- , girl of Hinrich and Catharina Magdalena Töller, hitched to August Dietrich Thomas Michaelöller in 1853. 1907-1997 , child of Marie and Johann Nitschke, with Jake Rath.

gerd brunsendorf

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