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Heartburn in Children and Infants: Symptoms, Treatments, Causes, and More

That’s such a great title. It pretty much says it all. But of course, I did read it. They talk about some other interesting mechanisms by which PPIs can actually induce acid reflux.

The number of feeds in a day may need to be increased if the volume of each feed is reduced. Alginate substances made for babies (such as gaviscon infant) work by thickening the feed and forming a coating over the lower oesophagus and stomach. These can help with some symptoms. They contain a relatively high amount of salt, so should only be used after consulting with a doctor. It should also not be used with formula thickeners.

Acid reflux disease in babies is not caused by too much acid. It is actually caused by not having enough acid in the stomach. Apple cider vinegar is a natural, fast-acting acid reflux treatment for your baby.

Other than providing medication when it’s not needed, misdiagnosing GERD in infants also masks the real cause of the problem. “When the MII-pH comes back negative, we have to do a better job of investigating the root causes of the symptoms we’re seeing,” says Dr. Aghai. “The study suggests that doctors who suspect infants of having GERD should use the MII-pH to confirm the diagnosis before treating with medications or surgery,” says Dr. Aghai. Unfortunately, says Dr. Aghai, the reason the test isn’t done more often is that it can require advanced training and expertise that isn’t available at all institutions.

Because of the risk of SIDS, even kids with reflux should be put to sleep on their back unless your pediatrician recommends otherwise. Another important lifestyle change involves how you position your baby after she eats. Surprisingly, most babies do worse if they are placed in a seated position after they eat. Instead, your baby may do best in an upright carried position, like in an infant carrier or baby wrap, or on her stomach. H2 blockers.

Four Risk Factors for Reflux in Infants

There may not be enough kids now taking PPIs that this is making a significant contribution, but this could certainly happen if we continue with our current course. The second thing would be the method of birth. We know from many, many studies now that Caesarean birth, that kids born via C-section, have different gut flora and less optimal gut flora than kids who are born vaginally. The reason for that is what I just mentioned. Whether or not colonization of the gut begins in utero, we know without a doubt that a major aspect of how the gut flora develops in the baby is from that exposure in the birth canal.

It is arguable that 100% of young infants have multiple episodes of reflux daily, with many being clinically silent because the stomach contents only ascend partially up the esophagus and are quickly cleared. Even when the bolus ascends to the oral cavity, infants often simply swallow it back down and caregivers are none the wiser. But, as is often the case, something goes wrong after residency. Too many of us begin to alter our approach because of the influence of practicing in the real world and of common hardwired errors in how we interpret reality.

When babies swallow, their food goes from their mouth and into a tube called the esophagus. This tube carries the food into the stomach.

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