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Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and GERD During Pregnancy

Read this MomJunction post to know more about the causes, symptoms, and the ways to beat indigestion during pregnancy. More than 60 million Americans are said to have acid reflux regularly, and it causes numerous hospital admissions. Read about risk factors, including diet and lifestyle, and the many home remedies people can try. In the worst cases, acid reflux may lead to GERD or gastroesophogeal reflux disease or worse conditions.

Since their side effects are few, these drugs probably are worth trying. As with all drugs that are given to control symptoms, patients should carefully evaluate whether or not the smooth muscle relaxant they are using is effective at controlling the symptoms. If it is not clearly effective, the option of discontinuing the relaxant should be discussed with a physician. The lack of understanding of the physiologic processes (mechanisms) that cause indigestion has meant that treatment usually cannot be directed at the mechanisms. Instead, treatment usually is directed at the symptoms.

Indigestion is not related to stomach acid, but you can get heartburn as a symptom of indigestion. If you feel uncomfortable in the middle of your chest every time you finish a meal, you may have chronic heartburn. This is when the acid from your stomach leaks up into the tender tissue of your esophagus (food pipe), causing pain and burning.

They come in liquids and pills. Soothe occasional, mild heartburn with an antacid that contains calcium carbonate or magnesium.

I’ve found it to be very helpful during pregnancy and I’ve pretty much had no nausea because of it. Eating clean, your body will heal itself and take care of your baby the way humans have for millions of years. Also has a lot of data on pregnancy as well on pregnancy and nutrition. Why do so many people in other countries who don’t eat the standard American diet (sad) have little to no obesity, diabetes, preeclampsia, etc? It’s because of what they eat on a regular basis.

Ugh. It started happening every night, what with all the lugging around of a baby in my loins.

That means there’s a very low risk of exposure for your developing baby. People often have indigestion along with heartburn (a burning feeling deep in the chest), which happens when stomach acids rise into the esophagus.

The usual suspects are rich, spicy foods, chocolate, fruit juices and fatty foods. You could try keeping a food diary to see which foods make your symptoms worse. Drinking alcohol can cause indigestion. During pregnancy, it can also lead to long-term harm to the baby. The Chief Medical Officers of the UK say it’s safest to not drink alcohol at all in pregnancy.

  • Heartburn occurs when acid from the stomach leaks into the oesophagus (the pipe between your stomach and your mouth) and rises upwards.
  • Big meals can also set off heartburn.
  • Unfortunately, this causes your gastrointestinal tract to relax a little too much, leading to side effects like bloating, indigestion, constipation, stomachaches and, yes, all that horrific gas you’ve been having lately.
  • As a result, that acid can easily sneak back up and cause heartburn.
  • Do not take Zantac more than twice per day.

What’s the difference between heartburn and indigestion?

The medical term for this digestive disorder is fructose malabsorption. Drinking water before or after a meal helps the stomach digest food. Any undigested food passes into the small intestines, where bacteria break it down, producing gas in the process.

Ask your doctor if any of your medications might be causing your symptoms. There may be something else you can take. Smoking causes your body to make less saliva, a liquid that helps stamp out stomach acid. That can lead to burning in your esophagus.

The slight slope should help prevent stomach acid from moving up into your oesophagus (gullet) while you are asleep. Drinking a glass of milk may relieve heartburn (the burning sensation from stomach acid leaking up into your gullet). You may want to keep a glass of milk beside your bed in case you wake up with heartburn in the night.

Research in indigestion is difficult. Indigestion is defined by subjective symptoms (such as pain) rather than objective signs (for example, the presence of an ulcer).

In the latter group, it can be a sign of an underlying health problem. Heartburn is also called gastroesophageal reflux. It has nothing to do with the heart.

ways to get rid of indigestion when pregnant

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