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gerd pfeiffle

The Booby and Pitfalls Traps of Cluster Policy. North American Regional Science Conference, Miami, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 09.11.-12.11.

48th congress of the European Regional Science Association, Liverpool, Großbritannien, 27.08-31.08. Gluszak, Michal, Maier, Gunther, Sedlacek, Sabine, Zieba, Malgorzata. 2011. The Value of a Green Building Certificate for Office Buildings in CEE. The European Real Estate Society 18th Annual Conference, Eindhoven, Niederlande, 15.06.-18.06.

Koch, David, Maier, Gunther. 2012. Matching in cyberspace – the search behaviour of customers and suppliers in an electronic real estate broker platform.

ERES Evolution and Development of Topical Areas. European Real Estate Society, 24th European Conference, Delft, Niederlande, 28.06.-01.07. Erian, Paul, Maier, Gunther, Neumann, Hans-Martin, Schmidmayer, Julia, Selke, Tim. 2017. Retrofitting a 1970s social housing neighborhood for carbon neutrality – a full case study from Austria.

Sinozic, Tanja, Maier, Gunther, Kruzslicz, Ferenc. 2013.

European Real Estate Society Annual Conference 2012, Edinburgh, Großbritannien, 13.06.-16.06. Maier, Gunther, Gluszak, Michal, Adamuscin, Andrej, Kurylchyk, Kateryna. 2012. Is there a demand for green offices in Central and Eastern Europe? A comparison of Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.

I can’t explain why I find this so engrossing and challenging, . but this has been the case since I began research as an undergraduate always.} In terms of subject matter, I am indebted to Peter Lawrence for making me aware of the general problem of understanding how cells know where they are and how they use such spatial information to decide what to do. Maier, Gunther, Trippl, Michaela. 2011.

gerd pfeiffle
gerd pfeiffle

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