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Fortuna’s Seven Lives – The Story of an Incredible Rollercoaster Ride

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Fortuna Koln Players: Daniel Majstorovi, Thomas Brdari, Mikkel Beck, Antoine Hey, Jovan Kirovski, Tony Woodcock, Tim Wiese, Wolfgang Rolff Paperback – 14 September 2010

Their recent form suggests that the team might be amongst the sides that manages to gain promotion to the top flight. However, their player material at the moment would suggest that they might face some problems in the Bundesliga.

All the while things are looking bright for Fortuna at the moment, it is worth to take a detour through the club’s history to see the heights and the depth this team has gone through. Promoted to the Bundesliga for the second time in 1971 after a brief cameo that ended poorly in 1966/67, the team managed to establish itself in the Bundesliga for a number of years. This season’s Fortuna side seems to have a good mix of talent and experience.

After five seasons in the third highest tier in Germany Fortuna managed to finish 2nd in the newly established 3. Liga, and gained promotion to the 2.

Profile Gerd Zimmermann

This wasn’t the first time the Düsseldorf punks had helped their team, in 1989 they used parts of their royalty cheques to help the team buy striker Anthony Baffoe. However, things started to go wrong in the beginning of the 80s. Players like Allofs, Zimmermann and Seel left the club.

Shortly after Allofs’s goal, Fortuna defender Gerd Zewe brought Carrasco to the floor in the 18 yard box, but the penalty by Neeskens was too weak and Fortuna keeper Jörg Daniel held on to the ball. Asensi brought Barca back into the lead after Daniel didn’t manage to hold on to a cross, but only minutes later came Wolfgang Seel’s equalizer, bringing the half time score to 2-2.

Players like Sascha Rösler have done tremendously well in the 2. Bundesliga, but have failed to impress in the Bundesliga when they were given the chance.

I still think of Fortuna Dusseldorf as the Bundesliga regulars who gave the world the Allofs brothers and narrowly lost out to Barcelona in the 1979 European Cup-Winners’ Cup final, so I was surprised to learn that they’ve spent most of the last decade sliding further and further down the German pyramid. However, they’ve apparently now hauled themselves back to the second tier, so perhaps the glory days are in sight again for this once-proud Westphalian club. Had it not been for the millions of Germans who at one point of their lives bought a CD or visited a concert of the German punk band ”Die Toten Hosen”, Fortuna might have been a club only mentioned in the history books.

Maximilian Beister has shown time and time again, why so many football experts think that he has a bright future ahead of him, The 21-year-old has proven to be a valuable asset to the team by scoring 8 goals and creating 11 assists. Captain Andreas Lambartz has pulled the strings beautifully in the midfield, while 34-year-old Jens Langeneke has had a sturdy grip on the team’s defense, all the while scoring 7 goals. Fortuna has impressed with a fluid, attack minded football this season, making life difficult for their opponents.

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