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Fernsteuerungen und RC-Komponenten für Flugmodelle PDF Kindle

Flexible Configuration Logic for a complexity oriented design of production systems

Furthermore, estimating models with and without regulatory and environmental factors clearly indicates that the omission of environmental factors, such as network density, substantially changes parameter estimates and, hence, leads to biased estimation results. The objective of this paper is the comparison of the efficiency levels for a set of European rail companies in monopoly situations with respect to hypothetical duopoly situations. More specifically, the aim is to test whether the operating costs function of such companies is subadditive.

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internationales verkehrswesen gerd aberle

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A cost function is subadditive when a single firm can produce all relevant output vectors cheaper than two or more firms. In order to do so the test developed by Evans and Heckman (1984) will be used.

Development and validation of the AO pediatric comprehensive classification of long-bone fractures by the Pediatric Expert Group of the AO Foundation in collaboration with AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation and the International Association for Pediatric Traumatology. Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2(6), pp. 1131-9.

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internationales verkehrswesen gerd aberle

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