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Dizzy? It Could Be Acid Reflux

I went to a gastroenterologist and had colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy; nothing. He gave me Oscimin for stomach spasms. I saw my gynecologist, she didn’t see anything.

I decided to go to another GI doctor and who prescribed a different medication to help with the discomfort of the burning, which I only experience in my throat. I still don’t have any resolution to this problem and am really frustrated. I have never had heartburn in my life and I only started feeling burning in my throat when I started taking medicine for GERD. I just wish someone could do something to make me feel better. I can’t imagine feeling like this the rest of my life.

What causes heartburn? What are the symptoms of GERD?

are just a few symptoms that may indicate a heart attack. Treatment of heart disease involves control of heart disease risk factors through lifestyle changes, medications, and/or stenting or bypass surgery. Heart disease can be prevented by controlling heart disease risk factors. Heart AttackA heart attack happens when a blood clot completely obstructs a coronary artery supplying blood to the heart muscle. A heart attack can cause chest pain, heart failure, and electrical instability of the heart.

I could not even drink liquids, consequently I lost over 40 lbs in a period of 4 months. My doctor recommended upper endoscopy and found that my esophagus was completely shut, and it was forced opened, however the problem continued and I had second endoscopy with a biopsy. Luckily everything came back clear, and I was prescribed medication for acid reflux.

This allows digestive acid to enter the esophagus and can cause damage over time. Heartburn is the most common symptom of GERD, but other symptoms may include coughing, wheezing, chest pain, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and frequent throat clearing and regurgitation. Heartburn Causes, Symptoms and RemediesHeartburn is a symptom of acid reflux that causes chest pain when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. Heartburn symptoms may mimic chest pain that occurs during a heart attack. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may produce other symptoms.

My main symptom of hiatal hernia was a chronic congested cough. I had it for years and was told it was asthma.

The procedure is to help GERD symptoms including heartburn. Eighty percent of patients with GERD also have a hiatal hernia, and during the fundoplication procedure, the hernial sac may also be surgically fixed.

Dizziness and headaches are symptoms of low sugar and in extreme cases cause fainting. Acid reflux treatments may result in feeling lightheaded and headaches if this is the case you must see your doctor. Most people rarely have acid reflux and it is no cause for concern. Extreme symptoms include vomiting which damages the oesophagus and rots teeth.

I have to watch what I eat. The pain is unbearable. I have had all kinds of scans and x-rays and found to have a very large hiatal hernia. It has pushed my stomach up over my diaphragm. It leaves me breathless if I walk very far or do too much standing (like preparing food).

Here I am 9 years later to find out I have another hiatal hernia. I’m scared that I will have to go through the surgery again.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a type of long-lasting acid reflux. It happens when stomach acid flows up into your esophagus, which is the pipe connecting your mouth to your stomach. In most cases however, a hiatal hernia does not cause any symptoms. The pain and discomfort that a patient experiences is due to the reflux of gastric acid, air, or bile. While there are several causes of acid reflux, it occurs more frequently in the presence of hiatal hernia.

Why is my indigestion worse after fried foods?

That was very painful when I got up or sat down. Not too much other pain at all.

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