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Rare-earth metal hydrides supported by silicon-bridged boratabenzene fluorenyl ligands: synthesis, structure and reactivity. Hard-and-soft phosphinoxide receptors regarding f-element binding: structure and photophysical properties of europium(iii) complexes. Substituent-controlled preference associated with carbonyl group-metal coordination in d( metal complexes along with non-symmetric pentadentate ligands. Activity of γ-amidine-functionalized dianionic β-diketiminato lanthanide amides and trianionic β-diketiminato Na/Sm heterobimetallic things and their reactivity in polymerization of l-lactide. Structure-property relationships based on Hammett constants in cyclometalated iridium(iii) complexes: their application to be able to the design of a fluorine-free FIrPic-like emitter.

An Approach to Optimize the Thermoelectric Properties of III-V Ternary InGaSb Crystals by Defect Engineering via Point Defects and Microscale Compositional Segregations. Petersons // The 12th Conference of the Baltic Organization of Paediatric Surgeons: Might 17-19, 2012, Riga Latvia: final programme and abstracts / Rīga Stradiņš University or college, University Children’s Hospital regarding Latvia. – Bibliogr.: g. 28 // 17th global scientific conference “EcoBalt 2012”: Riga, Latvia, October 18-19, 2012: book of abstracts / organised by College of Latvia.

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Fine tuning stoichiometry and supramolecular set up in perfluorinated indazolato coinage metal complexes. Structural and kinetic studies from the polymerization reactions of ε-caprolactone catalyzed by (pyrazol-1-ylmethyl)pyridine Cu(ii) plus Zn(ii) complexes. Formation of an iron phosphine-borane complicated by formal insertion regarding BH₃ into the Fe-P bond.

Switching a “useless” ligand into a “useful” ligand: a magneto-structural study of an unusual family of Cu(II) wheels derived from functionalised phenolic oximes. A comparison study of aliphatic plus aromatic structure directing agents influencing the crystal plus electronic structures, and qualities of iodoplumbate hybrids: water induced structure conversion and visible light photocatalytic attributes.


gerd maudrich

Dobzhansky T ( Mankind changing: The evolution of the human species. Dobzhansky T, Ayala FJ, Stebbins GL & Valentine JW ( Advancement. Evolution: Essays on elements of evolutionary biology presented to Professor E. ( The Genetic Gods — Evolution and Belief inside Human Affairs. Zurich Open Repository and Archive is usually powered by EPrints 3 which is developed by simply the School of Consumer electronics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton.

Copper(II)-catalyzed highly diastereoselective three-component reactions of aryl diazoacetates with alcohols and chalcones: an easy access to be able to furan derivatives. Selective synthesis of dibenzo cyclooctatetraenes through palladium-catalyzed cyclic homocoupling regarding borylvinyl iodobenzene derivatives.

Synthesis, structure and oxygen-sensing properties of Iridium(iii)-containing coordination polymers with various cations. Labile coordination approach with regard to the modulation of the electronic properties of ruthenium(ii) and iridium(iii) complexes within just an “N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-pyridyl” dynamic platform. Reaction associated with o-carboranes with sterically challenging N-heterocyclic carbene: synthesis plus structural characterization of just one: 1 adducts. Bis(phosphinoselenoic amides) since versatile chelating ligands with regard to alkaline earth metal (Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba) complexes: syntheses, structure in addition to ε-caprolactone polymerisation.

Tuned activity of two coordination polymers of Cd(ii) using substituted bent 3-pyridyl linker in addition to succinate: structures and their own applications in anion exchange and sorption properties. Competitive coordination aggregation for V-shaped and disc-like complexes: activity, magnetic properties and catechol oxidase activity. Mechanochemical in addition to thermal formation of 1H-benzotriazole coordination polymers and complexes of 3d-transition metals together with intriguing dielectric properties.

Investigation regarding a dichlorodioxomolybdenum(vi)-pyrazolylpyridine complex in addition to a hybrid derivative since catalysts in olefin epoxidation. C-Cl bond activation and catalytic hydrodechlorination of hexachlorobenzene by cobalt and dime complexes with sodium formate as a reducing real estate agent. Halogen-bonding in a fresh family of tris(haloanilato)metallate(iii) magnetic molecular building blocks. An extremely selective and sensitive Zn(ii) complex-based chemosensor for continuous recognition of Cu(ii) in addition to cyanide.

Reaction of stannylene phosphorus Lewis pairs with dichlorides of germanium, tin and lead – the organization of base stabilized stannyl stannylenes/germylenes and redox effect with PbCl2. Unusual function of protein binding by way of a cytotoxic π-arene ruthenium(ii) piano-stool compound containing an Um, S-chelating ligand. Electron transfer mechanism of catalytic superoxide dismutation via Cu(ii/i) processes: evidence of cupric-superoxo/-hydroperoxo types. Designed intramolecular blocking of the spin crossover of an Fe(ii) complex. Antiproliferative activity of ruthenium(ii) arene complexes with mono- plus bidentate pyridine-based ligands.


Five 8-hydroxyquinolinate-based coordination polymers with tunable structures and photoluminescent attributes for sensing nitroaromatics. facial foundation coordination geometries of any dipodal ligand framework featuring supplementary coordination sphere.

Novel ambient light induced trimerization of any simple copper(II) monomeric Schiff base complex. Framework and magnetism of a new pyrazolate bridged iron(II) spin crossover complex displaying a single HS-HS to LS-LS transition. The function of temperature within the activity of hybrid inorganic-organic components: the example of co (symbol) succinates. Solid state structures and photophysical properties associated with (trimethylsilyl)methyl-substituted anthracenes and pyrenes.

Immediate synthesis of dicarbonyl PCP-iron hydride complexes and catalytic dehydrogenative borylation of styrene. Activation of heteroallenes simply by coordinatively unsaturated nickel(ii) alkyl complexes supported by the hydrotris(3-phenyl-5-methyl)pyrazolyl borate (Tp(Ph, Me)) ligand. A long-tethered (P-B-P)-pincer ligand: synthesis, complexation, and application to catalytic dehydrogenation of alkanes. Five various types of η( -cyclooctatetraenyl-lanthanide half-sandwich complexes from one ligand set, including a new “giant neodymium wheel”. Contrasting coordination behavior of Team 12 perchlorate salts with an acyclic N3O2 subscriber ligand by X-ray crystallography and ( H NMR.

Dinuclear oxidative addition side effects using an isostructural collection of Ni2, Co2, and Fe2 complexes. Dibenzothiophene-platinated things: probing the effect of supplementary ligands within the photophysical overall performance. X-Ray crystallographic and computational study on uranyl-salophen complexes bearing nitro groups. Effect of the substituent about the phosphine ligand in novel rhenium (I) aldehydes.

gerd maudrich

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