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Carbonated water

But this was horrible, 15 hours of pain and vomiting. It was scary really. The problem I have is carbonation.

The pressurized, carbonated water then flows to taps or to mixing heads where it is then mixed with flavorings as it is dispensed. In 1872, British soft drink maker Hiram Codd of Camberwell, London, designed and patented the Codd-neck bottle, designed specifically for carbonated drinks. The Codd-neck bottle encloses a marble and a rubber washer/gasket in the neck.

Extreme nausea and abdominal pain. Unable to stand, very dizzy and faint. Day 2 I went to the ER After vomiting 9 more times. My six year old woke up Friday for school with a pain in her stomach and some runny stool. She ate some toast and felt better and went to school but about an hour later she came home with more of the same.


Per the National Sleep Foundation, if you have acid reflux, you could very well wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn-and you might even experience middle-of-the-night choking or coughing, depending on how far up your esophagus the acid travels. So what’s the connection between acid reflux and sleep? As I can attest, heartburn is usually worse at night, and that can make falling (and staying) asleep more difficult.

I’m sure not feeling pain was a strong part of the cure, letting my body relax. . This gastroenteritis virus is lasts and nasty a long time. Ten days ago I started with diarrhea, no vomiting, and lots of up and down fever. I have been living on Advil, but stomach pains don’t go away..

I’m into the 5th day and still weak and not hungry. I’m now eating chicken soup 1/2 cup at a time.

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I remembered an old time cure that works for gastroenteritis really; club soda and bitters. The latter contains ginger, mint, and fennel. It works better than ginger and mint herb tea. I already take antacid tablets, Pepto-Bismol, and dicyclomine for my delicate stomach.

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Chronic heartburn, called acid reflux disease also, is related to a malfunctioning esophageal sphincter often, which is the valve between the stomach and the esophagus. Gas and bloating are contributing factors. About 10 percent of Americans daily experience heartburn, which equates to approximately 30 million people. Other symptoms of heartburn include difficulty swallowing, stomach upset, belching and vomiting.

Finally, about an hour later, I ran to the bathroom (not knowing whether I had to vomit or move my bowels). I sat on the toilet and grabbed the waste basket that was on the floor. In seconds, I was vomiting into the wastebasket.

It’s going on six days now and no signs of it letting up. I’ve never had anything that lasted this long. My husband and son both went to urgent care and both said it was gastroenteritis.

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