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In some instances, the juice was more effective than traditional medication. Some people believe that juice from the aloe vera plant may have a similar soothing effect for people with acid reflux.

Let’s take a look at the history of aloe vera and its potential benefits. I tried digestive enzymes, probiotics, drinking vinegar before meals (not recommended!), DGL, aloe vera juice, kombucha, fermented foods, all the advice from every blog out there. If anything worked, it did not work for me, at least not consistently or for long.

The juice of the plant has also been found to be effective in this process (23). As per another Indian study, aloe vera is extensively used in the treatment of peptic ulcers.

The benefits are great – but the juice has some side effects too. In three teaspoons of Aloe gel, add one teaspoon of lemon juice and coconut oil.

I was prescribed Nexium 40mg twice a day. After 2 weeks the pain went away but the “lump” sensation in my throat remained. I stayed on my regiment of Nexium for a year before my dose was reduced to once a day.

You can also take H2 blockers, which help to decrease your stomach’s secretion of acid. You can get low doses of H2 blockers over the counter at your local pharmacy or drugstore.

So try the least expensive first.iam not a Dr but do have Geerd&acid reflux wish U all Well.J.G. Contrary to popular belief, even though lemons are acidic, its the fact that they become alkaline in your stomach that helps with acid reflux. As mentioned in the article, acid reflux is commonly associated with too little acid, not too much. Adding a small amount of lemon to meals may help improve digestion. Serve with ice.

Now add honey. Mix well and put the mixture in a jar.

And same could be said about the juice as well. As per a Polish study, ingestion of aloe vera could stimulate cellular and humoral (related to bodily fluids) immunity (30). And as per a Japanese study, ingestion of aloe vera can prevent diet-induced obesity (28). It achieved this by stimulating energy expenditure and reducing accumulation of body fat.

No, eliminating acidic foods does not solve the problem of acid reflux. Another great acid reflux resolution is to quit drinking nutrition and start eating it. Apples work to reduce symptoms of GERD because they create an alkaline state in the stomach, neutralizing excess acids and aiding in digestion. Get rid of acid reflux by eating a red apple. It really works.

While perhaps less effective for those specific symptoms, aloe vera syrup was found to be a safe, effective, and well-tolerated treatment option. A modified Reflux Disease Questionnaire consisting of 8 key symptoms of GERD (heartburn, food regurgitation, flatulence, belching, dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, and acid regurgitation) was used to evaluate the efficacy of each treatment. These symptoms were assessed at weeks 2 and 4 of the trial, and then compared among treatment groups. I was diagnosed with acid reflux many years ago. My initial symptom was throat pain and the sensation that something was stuck in my throat.

The healing and antibacterial property helps in soothing the esophageal and digestive tract, thereby alleviating symptoms of acid reflux. The polysaccharides present in aloe vera are known to repair damaged skin cells.

Note that H2 blockers have several side effects, including constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, hives, and nausea or vomiting. Never eat aloe vera skin care products. They do not offer the same benefits as the leaf and are not meant to be ingested. Be sure to wash the gel or skin thoroughly to remove all traces of latex, which has an unpleasant bitter taste and may cause harmful side effects.

aloe vera juice acid reflux side effects

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