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Free sharing and Open Source raise the quality and security of publicly financed software, creating both trustable and useful applications. In full support. Open source code is better for transparency, accountability, security, innovation, and education.

ensure software paid by citizen taxes (ie. public funds), is always licensed under an Open Source license. I support Open Source software, especially in gouvernment environments.

Today we do not know if the software even exists. the software paid with our tax-collected money must be public, free and accessible to everyone.

Public money should create public code for the whole community to benefit from and allow improving the code as well not to create monoliths. It is in all fairness that software developed with public money should be open to the public. It incresaes transparency and democracy. Software paid for with public money should be availabe for everyone to study, to re-use (and to change to cover their needs).

bringewatt gerd

Code is speech. Code is law.

With open source comes transparency which usually leads to better privacy and security for the software’s users. Support open source. As less as possible of public money should be used for running proprietary software.

Don’t let my tax money go to something which gives me no benefit. Taxes are for public good, not private gain. Works produced by public money should go back to the public.

Software Zero Days are easier to conceal when source code is obfuscated from the public. Our society is highly rely on free/libre and open source software and it benefits all of us.

e. g. cities can use parking meter solutions already developed by other cities. Please consider how freely accessible code can help develop expertise and work as an enabler for many people across society. If my tax money is used for Software, it shall be Open Source.

What’s paid by the public should be owned by the public. Code is too important to keep hidden. We need to have control over the things we pay for.

Public code enables us to learn and improve. Public code should be made available to citizens under an Open and Free Software License. Software created with money taken from the public community and society has to be available to everyone. Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector.

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