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Then proceed to write. .The form is more suitable to clever light verse than to poetry. The Rondel, Rondeau and Roundel Family The triolet is the seed of the rondeau family. The rondel (the word is an old form of the later word rondeau) arose in all probability in Provence and appeared later in the fourteenth century writings of north France, in the verse of Froissart, Deschamps and others.

pohlavní sexual (sexuální); synonyms (adj) sensual, sexy, erotic, intimate, amphigonic, cozy, familiar, gross, informal, inner. pohlazení caress (laskání, mazlení); synonyms (n) rub, touch, endearment, (v) fondle, stroke, pat, pet, tickle, coddle, cuddle. pohlcení absorption; synonyms (n) assimilation, attention, concentration, inhalation, engrossment, ingestion, preoccupation, abstraction, amalgamation, interest. pohled 1. view (výhled); synonyms (n) look, sight, judgment, opinion, scene, idea, outlook, prospect, (v) regard, observe, 2.

pleasant chore of analyzing the favorite poems of the great poets-the odes of Keats, the sonnets of Shakespeare, the greater lyrics of Poe, and so on. Scansion will indicate the meter employed; and the numeral system 1, 1, 2, 2 will mark for you the rhyming pattern.

So even if the rhyming dictionary is left behind, a mental rhyming dictionary can always be improvised, once the mechanism is learned. asociace association (sdružení, sdružování, svaz); synonyms (n) affiliation, alliance, connection, assembly, affinity, company, fellowship, link, partnership, society. asociální asocial; synonyms (adj) antisocial, thoughtless.

verandah; synonyms (n) gallery, drift, heading. verdikt verdict (rozsudek); synonyms (n) finding, decision, judgment, conclusion, determination, decree, resolution, ruling, sentence, choice. veřejnost 1. community (obec); synonyms (n) association, public, agreement, commune, nation, people, brotherhood, likeness, (adj) communal, neighborhood; antonym (adj) private, 2.

pohan 1. heathen; synonyms (adj) pagan, heathenish, giaour, godless, (n) gentile, ethnic, infidel, 2.

twelve lines each, with a concluding sestet, of 150 lines in all. Charles W. Coleman, in his sestina Love’s Going, used three rhyme sounds, sing, rose, heart, thing, goes, apart; but he retains the unrhymed sequence formula, and thus has rhyming couplets in four of his stanzas. Swinburne’s variation is to be preferred to this. Clearly, in writing the sestina, after the first stanza has been completed, the next task is to write down the terminals for all the lines of the next five stanzas, and the terminals and center words of the brief concluding stanza.

pagan (pohanský); synonyms (adj) heathen, irreligious, (n) idolater. pohanka buckwheat; synonyms (n) grain, branks, cereal, maize, millet, oats, rice, rye. pohanský pagan (pohan); synonyms (adj) heathen, gentile, heathenish, ethnic, irreligious, (n) idolater, infidel. pohanství paganism; synonyms (n) heathenism, heresy, idolatry, atheism, barbarism, ethnicism, gentilism, gentility, ignorance, pagandom.

postcard; synonyms (n) epistle, letter, mail, 2. card (karta, lístek, navštívenka); synonyms (n) bill, board, ticket, label, carte, menu, notice, placard, postal, (v) tease. The words conveyed by the acrostic are revealed by reading downward the first or italicized letters of each line. The actual writing of light verse calls upon the versifier for every resource and device within the technique of versification. The rhymes should be natural and not rhyme-induced, and the entire treatment natural and adapted to please and amuse.

asonance assonance; synonyms (n) verse, crambo, foot, measure, meter, rhythm, strain, melody, poetry, rhyme.

rain, (n) drop, descent, downfall, plunge; antonyms (v) rise, increase, ascend, climb, triumph, win, (n) ascent, 2. autumn; synonyms (n) fall, declivity, harvest, cadence, capitulation, cascade, cataract, death, declension, degradation. podzimní autumnal; synonyms (adj) vespertine, nocturnal. poezie 1.

The stanza rhyme scheme is 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 4, 5R, 5R being the refrain; with the envoy 4, 4, 5, 3, 5R. The rhyming throughout is accurate, and the result is a perfect chant royal. The form is intricate, and the method of checking the various rhyme sounds as they are put down should be followed, to be sure that no rhyming sound is repeated. A great deal of reworking is often necessary to perfect such a form as this. In order to make the envoy the culmination of the verses, it is often necessary to shift the strongest and most vigorous rhyming sounds to it and substitute other words in the earlier stanzas.

Let your attention be directed especially to ingenious devices for securing variety within a formal pattern. The sonnet, which will be reached in the study of lyric poetry, has been used often and successfully as a stanza. In polyrhythmic or free verse, the stanza division follows the poet’s inner mandate of where each group of lines should end, as if it were a paragraph in prose. Czech – English afficionado, fiend, follower, (v) air; antonym (n) detractor, 2.

It began as a lyric of two stanzas, each stanza having four or five lines only, and rhyming triolet-wise upon two sounds . either a triolet or a ten-line variant of the triolet.

look (dívat se); synonyms (v) seem, appear, expect, (n) face, gaze, appearance, aspect, air, countenance, expression, 3. sight; synonyms (n) vision, glimpse, show, view, eye, (v) aim, spot, see, descry, discern. pohlednice 1.

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