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10 Ways to Increase Low Stomach Acid

Manuka honey is a specific type of honey out of New Zealand, and this honey has antimicrobial properties. People can develop things like SIBO symptoms – that’s small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – and the wrong type of bacteria in the stomach when they have low stomach acid. Manuka honey can help naturally treat conditions like SIBO.

Diagnose Low Stomach Acid in 2 Seconds

When a person starts to eat, the stomach is stimulated to start producing HCL. The HCL activates the chief cells in the middle portion of the stomach to start secreting a protein-digesting enzyme known as pepsinogen. Pepsinogen requires the presence of hydrochloric acid in order to begin digesting protein. The major role of HCL is to activate pepsinogen (not digest food), which now becomes known as pepsin.

These two things can help digest food, which takes some of the pressure of the gut while it heals.

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Acid Reflux?

Anyway, I found this article really interesting. I have had reflux and heartburn issues ever since my health crashed about 2.5 years ago. It drives me nuts. I though, like everyone else, that it was related to too much acid. As a result, I’ve taken about every acid blocker out there.

Hey Steve and Jordan…I happened upon your website after googling why I’m gassy after eating wheat, assuming this had a lot to do with causing my gas along with possibly other foods…what I’ve read so far on your website is very interesting and informative and makes a lot of sense…I recently began eating a Vegan diet and am pleased so far with the results…I’m on day 14 of a 21 day challenge after watching the Netflix Forks over Knives documentary and reading the book 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal D. Barnard, MD, both of which are excellent!!! …I wonder if you’re aware of these and what your thoughts are about eating Vegan!

Ive had that same antibiotic two other times earlier that year, but a shorter course. I believe this antibiotics are the reason for my sudden reflux and stomach issues.

None of them really work minus Zantac (and only it a little bit). Once I started SCD, I dropped all my medications and know now how bad acid suppressor are for one’s health.

Why Stomach Acid Is Important

I stopped taking the PPIs and have not taken them since although I am very scared of developing oesophageal cancer by not taking them. I have had 4 gastroscopies since the first one and the Barretts has not enlarged but it has not healed either. The consultant told me off for not taking the PPIs and when I said I didn’t think I had too much acid he said that there is something called ‘Silent Reflux’ which is what I no doubt had.

Tried another ppi that wasn’t as bad but still never felt great on it and had headaches. Finally got off the suppressor type meds and tried the hcl. After 3 days the bloating after meals was much better.

Demulcents herbs may be used to treat indigestion and heartburn. These herbs seem to work by decreasing inflammation and forming a physical barrier against stomach acid or other abdominal irritants. Examples of demulcent herbs include ginger, licorice, and slippery elm. People who eat too fast or fail to chew their food adequately may also experience symptoms of indigestion or heartburn.

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